Real Estate Photography

Calgary Photo Studio is experienced in offering real estate photography for realtors, commercial property owners, developers, and interior designers.  Our team goes a step further by having the privilege to be partnered with our sister company Innovate Media Canada, to provide additional marketing material and create content that is focused on highlighting the selling features of your home, apartment, AirBnb, development or commercial property.

Professional real estate photography is crucial to ensure the buyer is immediately wowed by your presentation.  It will increase the interest on the property or development and help you scale your business by reducing the personal commitment of taking photos yourself. 

What To Expect

Our photographers are focused on providing excellence.  We will consult you on the various lighting tactics for the exterior photos including early morning, mid-day and dusk/dawn lighting.  The right technique is decided based on location, season, and which direction the home faces.  We will review the best time to take interior photos to create the most aesthetic contrast that brightens each of your rooms.  Please note we also offer free cloudy sky replacement via photoshop.

Ready To Get Started?

We are always looking to build working relationships with hard working realtors, developers, property managers, and interior designers.  Contact us today to discuss custom service packages that best fit your needs.