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How to Elevate Your Event Photography

Essential Tips for Event Photographers

Event photography captures the heart and soul of significant moments, whether it’s a joyous wedding, a professional conference, or a lively party. At Calgary Photo Studio, we understand the importance of these moments and want to share some essential tips to help you elevate your event photography.

Getting to Know the Event


Having a detailed conversation with clients or event organizers well before the day arrives is crucial. This discussion isn’t just about the basics; it’s your chance to dive deep into their vision. Find out what moments are most important to them, any themes or colors they’re using, and if there are specific people or details they want captured. This information lets you plan not just what shots you’ll need but also how to tell the story of their event. Knowing the event’s schedule like the back of your hand means you can be in the right place at the right time, every time, without missing a beat.

Scouting the Location

If possible, arrange a visit to the venue before the event. This isn’t just a walkthrough; it’s your scouting mission. Look for places where the light falls beautifully, interesting backdrops, and spots that might be challenging. Pay attention to how the light changes in different areas and at different times if you can visit at a similar hour to the event. This reconnaissance helps you plan your movements on the day and ensures you’re not caught off guard by tricky lighting or less-than-ideal backgrounds.

Packing the Right Gear

Choosing the right equipment is about preparation and flexibility. Your camera and lenses are your tools to capture the essence of the event, so consider the venue, the lighting, and the type of shots you plan to take. A fast lens might be essential for low-light conditions, while a good zoom can help you capture intimate moments from a distance. Flash units and diffusers are crucial for managing poor lighting conditions or adding depth to your shots. And always have backups—extra batteries, memory cards, and even a spare camera can save the day if something goes wrong.

High Quality Deliverable

Working with Light

Light plays a pivotal role in photography. Familiarize yourself with techniques to harness natural light to your advantage and use external flashes or diffusers to soften harsh lighting conditions. Understanding how to quickly adjust camera settings in response to changing light conditions will ensure your photos always come out looking their best.

Framing Your Shots

A high quality photo is all about composition and framing. Whether you’re capturing a wide shot of the event space or a close-up of a special moment, consider how the elements within your viewfinder contribute to the story you’re telling. Use the rule of thirds to balance your shots, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles and perspectives to capture the essence of the event.

The Candid and the Posed

Mastering the balance between candid shots and posed photographs is a key skill in event photography. Candid shots capture the genuine emotions and spontaneity of the event, while posed shots are necessary for more formal or group photographs. When directing posed photos, communicate clearly and confidently to make your subjects feel at ease, and always be ready to snap those unplanned moments that often become the most cherished memories.

In event photography, there’s always something new to learn. Try out new techniques, ask for feedback, and keep improving. At Calgary Photo Studio, we believe in the power of capturing those unforgettable moments. We hope these tips help you on your journey to becoming a better event photographer. Looking for an event photographer in Calgary Alberta? Contact us today to book a free consultation and to better understand out event coverage.

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